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In a remote convent school in Nova Scotia, an aging nun has a miraculous vision; a mute, injured man washes up on the nearby shore; and a group of girls is busily creating a reckless drama of excitements real and imagined. Here, amid the vows and rituals of Lent, a young girl named Felice has been sent after the death of her parents, poised somewhere between childhood, womanhood, and sainthood. A tragic death, a shocking revelation, and a baffling disappearance will set Felice on a staggering passage to self-discovery--armed with miracles that are uniquely her own. 

A triumph.

Mary Gordon, New York Times Book Review


A gently affectionate story about earnest young women…completely coming to terms with the mysteries of their own flesh, in spite of their elders’ spirituality.

The New Yorker


The charm of this beguiling first novel lies in the manner in which it transports us instantly into a small, enclosed world, and brings it vividly to life…a moving microcosm of girls and women under a mysterious pressure they do not really understand, but that we can recognize as very human.

Publishers Weekly  


A languidly voluptuous novel. Angela Davis-Gardner brings to life the Nova Scotia of the 20’s and a group of women as unusual as their milieu is simple…This is one of those charming books that works both for adults and adolescents.

Philadelphia Inquirer  


Angels Davis-Gardner’s is not just a novel; it’s a classic….In addition to several finely wrought characters and a splendid and humorous account of socio-political convent life, we have an extraordinarily gifted writer; a master of metaphor and an artist at exposing essence in a few words.

Charlotte Observer




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